Cheapest Caramoan Tour Packages!!!

For your CHEAPEST…but COOL & SATISFYING Summer Get-Away, Experience Caramoan..experience it the CARAMOANBednDine way..

The Caramoan Bed & Dine offers unparallel service and cozy amenities. Our native restaurant located just beside the hometel offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy your meals by serving a variety of native/bicolano dishes that is always freshly cooked and truly worth your wait. Our beds by select comfort that makes you feel truly at home that is designed to enhance your sleep experience after a day of island hopping.

We hope you will choose the Caramoan Bed & Dine for your accommodation and tour packages needs  and be assured of our 100% satisfaction guarantee which states: “If you are not satisfied please let us know and we’ll make it right”.

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